Micro-shot Dispenser

Micro-shot and small dispensing quantity machine, with 3-Axis working table, capable to do multiple shape manufacturing includes dot, line, circle, curve. High repeatability and accuracy. Combining with 2K AB glue dispenser, suitable for sticker and name plate PU dispensing, and PCB coating.

Designed For :

Label and sticker doming, PCB coating, LED encapsulation,transformer encapsulation and other electronic components potting application.

Function Descriptions :

1. 2-component Dispenser:
●Minimum shot size:0.06g.
●Dispensing accuracy: ±2%.
●Metering: Precision gear pump or durable progressive cavity pump.
●Fixed or Variable mixing ratio.
●Static or Dynamic mixture.
●Applicable for 2 mixing head.

2. 3-axis XYZ Robot:
●Range: standard 400*400*50mm or 500*500*50mm.
(customized size is available)
●3 axis ball screw robot.
●Capable of dots, lines, and continuous dispensing paths in 2D and 3D motions.
●Moving speed: 0 ~ 200 mm /s
●Resolution: 0.01mm.
●Control system: 586 IPC, XP Professional SP2nal SP2

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