G-280F Single Fluid Dispenser

Material applicable: RTV Silicone, Epoxy & PU Paste
Shot volume: 1~50cc, 10~400cc
Accuracy: ±2%

Silicone Dispensing Machine, Plate dispenser designed for high viscosity or non-flow material, quantitative dispense precisely, suitable for electronic industry silicone water-proof coating and potting forming manufactures.

Design for:
Viscous paste such as RTV silicone, epoxy or polyurethane.
Without transfer material to machine reservoir tanks, user can directly install the supplier’s 5 gallon or 55 gallon ram to machine follower plate metering system. Therefore, no additional air trap caused from material refill. By squeezing the material ram, follower plate and its Progressive Cavity metering pump provides repeatable and continues flow of liquid paste.
When follower plate travels to lower limit, it will lead to tank empty warning.
The Progressive Cavity pump is able to provide non-stop continue flow without pump recharging idle

Feature& Benefits:
●Stainless steel construction, easy to clean and maintenance.
●Microprocessor controlled.
●Interactive memory setting function creates user friendly interface.
●Multiple variable shot volume program up to 7 sequences.
●Easy shot size and flow rate adjustment
●Progressive cavity pump, supply the material steadily and consistently
●Material tank empty warning.
●Error-protection design, error message display

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