Automobile Battery Sealing System

Battery red and black glue dispenser, auto loading and unloading battery, quantitatively shot and positioning device, multiple nozzle working. 

Designed For :

Automobile battery case sealing, bonding.

Function Descriptions :

1. Loading Slot.
● Battery cover reservoir---includes empty warning, self loading & positioning.
● Index---includes Loading, gluing, unloading to next station, & standby.
● Support to conveyor integration.

2. 2-component Dispenser:
●Minimum shot size:0.5g.
●Dispensing accuracy: ±2%.
●Metering: Precision gear pump or durable progressive cavity pump.
●Fixed or Variable mixing ratio.
●Static or Dynamic mixture.
●Applicable for 2 mixing head.

3. 3-axis XYZ Robot:
●Range: standard 300*300*50mm.
●3 axis ball screw robot.
●Capable of dots, lines, and continuous dispensing paths in 2D and 3D motions.
●Moving speed: 0 ~ 200 mm /s
●Resolution: 0.01mm.
●Control system: 586 IPC, XP Professional SP2

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