Automatic multi-valve vacuum dispensing system

Automation vacuum dispensing equipment with multiple nozzle, combining with conveyor production line. Completed system includes vacuum degassing, dynamic mixing, quantitative potting, vacuum dispensing, and post oven curing, fully automatic control.

Designed For :

Coil, transformer encapsulation and other electronic components potting application.
Full process vacuum (air free) encapsulation prevents air bubble trap.
Suitable for repeatable and massive production.

Feature& Benefits :

●Stainless vacuum chamber and visible glass window.
●Independent 4 or 6 auto-valve & metering system.
●4 separate (2 pairs) material tanks are utilized to remove time consumption on degassing process without interruption.
●2 separate set of vacuum pump for material tanks and vacuum chamber.
●Support to multiple production process.
●PLC computer monitored.
●Max pressure up to 1.0x10-3 torr.
●Digital vacuum sensor & gauge.

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