5 Valves Dispenser

Material applicable: Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Acrylic
Shot volume: 2~200cc
Accuracy: +1%
Tank size: 60L per tank

Multiple gun head potting, all head quantitative potting, ratio and shot size high repeatability. Higher production by plural gun head designing, the best solution to cooperate with AB glue sealing and potting conveyer. 

Feature& Benefits :

●Variable mixing ratio design for precise ratio control.
●Synchronized 5 auto valve applies to Wason G380 2-component dispenser.
●Independent 10 metering pumps for precise ratio and volume control.
●Error message warnings for each pump separately.
●Micro-processor controlled twin-motor for ratio adjustment and monitoring.

Optional Features :

D. Dynamic mixing valve: a high speed air motor applied for mixture of resin and hardener when the mixing ratio or viscosities are distinct.
V. Vacuum Degassing: Vacuum pump is utilized for material tank de-gassing and for vacuum suction refill.
A. Auto-refill: This is suitable for user with high frequency of refilling workload. This function is completed by a specially designed pneumatic transfer pump, which can reach to the material ram and pumping liquid to dispenser pressure tanks.

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