3-axis Vacuum Dispenser

Automation vacuum dispensing equipment, specific for AB glue degassing in the preserving tank, and potting mixed AB glue in high vacuum degree environment. Available to control and adjust the ratio, vacuum potting and sealing, ensures no air  bubble and void in the product. Fully automatic control to do dot, line, circle, and curve moving.

Designed For :

Coil, transformer encapsulation and other electronic components potting application.
Full process vacuum (air free) encapsulation prevents air bubble trap.
Suitable for small to medium scale of products.

Feature& Benefits :

●Stainless vacuum chamber and double tempered glass window.
●Automatic up / down window.
●Highly efficient 3-axis robot. (300x300x50mm or 400x400x50mm)
●Single precision auto valve.
●Capable of dots, lines, and continuous dispensing paths in 2D and 3D motion.
●Support to multiple production process.
●IPC and window XP interface for robot control.
●Joystick / Mouse input supported.
●PLC computer monitored.
●3HP oil flood rotary vacuum pump.
●Max pressure up to 1.0x10-3 torr.
●Digital vacuum sensor & gauge.

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