2 Valves 2 Color Dispenser

Application: Automobile battery red and black terminal port potting.
Material applicable: Epoxy, Silicone, PU, Acrylic
Shot volume: 2~100cc
Accuracy: +1%
Tank size: 15L per tank

2k epoxy dispenser, AB glue dispenser, Battery red and black glue dispenser, two gun-heads action coordinately. Ratio precise and mixing result excellent, suitable for car-battery potting. 

Feature& Benefits :

●Synchronized 2 auto valves applies to Wason G280 2-component dispenser.
●Independent 4 metering pumps for precise ratio and volume control.
●Error message warnings for each pump separately.
●Micro-processor controlled twin-motor for ratio adjustment and monitoring.
●Suitable for automobile battery cover Red & Black terminals potting.

Optional Features :

D. Dynamic mixing valve: a high speed air motor applied for mixture of resin and hardener when the mixing ratio or viscosities are distinct.
V. Vacuum Degassing: Vacuum pump is utilized for material tank de-gassing and for vacuum suction refill.
A. Auto-refill: This is suitable for user with high frequency of refilling workload. This function is completed by a specially designed pneumatic transfer pump, which can reach to the material ram and pumping liquid to dispenser pressure tanks.

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