Wason’s Product Introduction–Chapter 3 : Vacuum Potting machine

The advances of technology have transformed the development of the industries;  elements related to electronics and automobiles have stepped into the field of precision,  and the industry has become increasingly aware of the manufacturing process of vacuum  dispensing. In Chapter 3 of our product introduction, we are going to talk about vacuum  dispensers. 

A vacuum dispenser is a piece of equipment that performs glue dispensing in vacuumed  environments, with a purpose to improve the quality of dispensing. Aside from minimizing the occurrence of bubbles, a vacuum dispenser can also enhance the flowing 

of the glue regarding parts with small gaps and narrow space, allowing the glue to  

enter all areas sufficiently through vacuum dispensing. 

The features of Wason Technology’s vacuum dispensers are: Its products have no  bubble, have a high level of water resistance and heat dissipation, and can maintain the  excellent natures even while being used under severe environments of high temperature  and high pressure. The dispensers are widely used in electronics and automobile  industries, such as glue dispensing for electronic ignition coils, high-pressure coil  packaging, glue dispensing for high-frequency transformers, glue dispensing for motor  coils, and automotive electronics (sensors related to tire pressure and parking.) 

Wason Technology has been researching the manufacturing process related to vacuum  dispensing for years and has developed a series of products (such as the automatic multi valve vacuum dispensing system, the 3-axis vacuum dispenser, the automatic vacuum  dispenser, and relevant module automation for application), which brings great  convenience to the industry and provides comprehensive solutions for its customers. 

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