High performance adhesion with two-component materials Wason dispersion techniques realize automation and increase productivity!

With fully-developed material applications, two-component materials have become the trend. It satisfies more application demands and performs better overall. However, as the types of materials continue to change, the mixture ratio, the evenness of the mixture, and precise quantities continue to affect quality. Therefore, the dispenser itself becomes the key to fully utilizing the material’s potential.

In recent years, to meet the demands for automated equipment and sealants, Wason has introduced the automated two component dispensing system. Because of its ease to use, high production performance, broad applications, it has become a star among similar machines. It is able to be used with the three most common adhesives: structural glue, epoxy AB glue, and polyurethane (PU) and the more.

Regarding the application of structural glue, “two-component acrylic AB glue”, Wason dispensers are suitable for electronics such as motors, elevator structures, speakers, and golf sets.

Regarding polyurethane (PU), it is suitable for shoe adhesion, synthetic leather adhesion, including elastomers with different colors formed directly through injection. Also, it is largely applied to sealing and adhesion of filters, such as water filters, oil filters, HEPA air filters and medical related hemodialysis, synthetic leather dried dispensing, adhesion, etc.

Regarding epoxy AB glue, the adhesion properties of two-component epoxy are very strong. It is highly structured and highly insulating. It is great as an adhesive and can be used on plastics, metal, wood, buildings and other products. It can be used for adhesion, injection, dipping, and coating. For example, smart card adhesion, IC chips, hand tool assembly, sand wheels, battery casings, etc.

Wason’s research and development capabilities are vast. Its development of micro foaming (FIPGF) combined with robotic arms has won the approval of the market. This technique has been widely applied to home appliances, filters, lighting, and electronics related parts. It has also been applied to cars, such as the gas caps, brake light sealant, head light sealant, etc.

Facing ever-changing materials, Wason’s rich adhesive experience and techniques combined with its ability to produce its own core components allows it to develop new dispensers in cooperation with material suppliers. Wason wishes to design automated machines for users to simplify their production with high efficiency, providing clients with the best production solutions.