Foaming and elastomer formation techniques win client’s heart

Wason has researched the foaming process for many years, overcoming various production conditions. These include hard and soft foams. The methods adopted can stably dispense materials in small amounts to evenly create a mixture to satisfy material demands.

The application conditions for polyurethane foaming (PU foaming) are more special than commonly used AB glue applications. The foaming equipment must support short time, high speed mixing while precisely controlling the ratio.

Regarding this, by using Wason’s own pneumatic mixing system and motors with the automation of modular production data, the production process is made more stable and reliable, satisfying the client’s product demands. This technique has now been applied to floats, seat cushions in cars, buildings, shoes, and other products that require noise cancellation.

Furthermore, Wason dispensers have supported PU and Elastomer development for a long time, applying our knowledge in the automobile industry, building materials, soles for shoes, synthetic leathers, medical equipment and more; for example, gel molds, medical insoles, wear resistant wheels and industrial rollers. A diverse range of products can be created depending on the mixture ratio.

Wason continues to develop automated systems. The company has successfully developed a specialized 6-axis robotic arm which can be fitted with a claw, suction pass, glue gun, and other components, elevating foaming and other related techniques. This will increase the flexibility of its services, allowing them to reach even more industries.