Wason’s two component dispensing system satisfies the needs of the automobile and electronics industries.

Located in the Dashi district of Taoyuan, Wason has long cultivated the adhesive application market. Because of its rich experience, Wason is always able to deliver the newest and best-performing dispensers on the market to cope with the diverse market demands and the rapid growth of material development.

Wason has said, “Wason’s automatic two component dispensing system can evenly distribute the adhesive on the component, achieving component protection, longer lifespans, and insulation and water proofing. Automated systems can further satisfy the needs of clients with mass production in mind, perfectly suitable for the rapidly-changing automobile and electronics markets”.

According to client needs, Wason’s 2k dispenser come in three designs, standard, deluxe, and customized:
1.Standard models G-180, G-260, and G-280: These provide fixed mixture ratios. Before the machine is delivered to the client, the ratio will be adjusted according to the client’s needs. These models do not require adjustments before use, providing the client with professional, “plug and use” service.
2.The deluxe ratio models G-360 and G-380 utilize dual electric motor design. The user can change the mixture ratio according to the material properties. Regarding materials that display more apparent changes, the deluxe models can increase application flexibility.