Q&A for technical support

Wason Technology tailor-made exclusive services for customers, from raw materials, equipment, to the application. Fully customized consultation and testing ensures that every share of your investment is worth it.

Business Team, Professional Consultation Process

Is this your first contact with a 2K dispenser, or are you unclear what kind of equipment is suitable for the glue you have at hand? Wason Technology has been engaging in the industry for more than 30 years. We understand your concerns. In the initial discussion with the customer about the equipment planning, our business team will provide consulting services to confirm the technical information and characteristics of the glue. With the details of product usage and capacity, we will then plan the suitable equipment for you and explain the application mode patiently. [Excellent employees, good raw materials, competitive products, suitable machines matched] are our unchanged beliefs since we started our business.

Technical Team, Highly Efficient Real Machine Exhibition

After the explanation, are you still not sure how the device works, or would you like to know more about it?
Wason Technology is one of the few self-produced and self-sold dispensers’ manufacturer in Taiwan. We have a complete inventory, stable production line, and well-trained technicians to help you remove equipment faults online.
If you want to know more about it, you can contact us to arrange the testing and sample making service.
Wason has several sets of special experimental machines for sample making, including 2K glue mixer, XY Table, mechanical arm, and vacuum casting machine for advanced process, etc., which can assist you in the development and production stage. Through our sample making equipment, we can confirm the matching of glue and equipment. At the same time, you can take this opportunity to fully understand the relevant technical details of equipment operation.
We sincerely welcome you to come to the site and verify the practicability of Wason’s dispensing machine with us.

R&D Team, Focusing on Customers

You need more than mixing and casting. Would you like to know more details about automated production?
In addition to a 2K dispensing machine that ensures accurate proportions and even mixing, we also have a research and development team especially responsible for the development of automation related equipment; Based on the 2-component dispenser you choose, we extend the full series of automatic technologies such as loading/ unloading system, front and rear oven, conveyor belt, automatic detection and positioning, and production data uploading.
We hope that each set of equipment can meet your needs.