Maintenance and repair services

we not only sell the equipment, but also provide complete after-sales repair and maintenance services. We guarantee that your machine will have our meticulous care every day.

High-quality Warehouse Management System, Efficient Manufacturing Team

Every member of Wason’s engineering staff has undergone intensive assembly and debugging training and has profound and reliable professional skills. We know that if the customer requires stable operation and sufficient capacity of the equipment, besides the outstanding capacity of the machine itself, the most rapid repair and maintenance service of the original factory is more important.
Generally, after receiving the breakdown report from the customer, we will assist the customer to remove the fault by ourselves through phone calls, emails and other ways, with the explanation and illustration in simple terms; If there are still difficulties and the equipment is not running smoothly, Wason will send our engineers as soon as possible to carry out the warranty procedures on site. Wason will be there for you!

Does your Wason’s dispensing system need repair and maintenance?
We are happy to help you and follow up your needs.

To help us process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, please provide the following information.。
  • Product No. of spare parts
  • Model of system or equipment

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