3-axis Robot &Conveyor System

Ground type 3-Axis working station. Editing dispensing program by Windows OS and Wason dispensing software. High repeatability and accuracy. Capable to link with auto conveyor, achieve full auto dispensing working process.

Feature& Benefits :

●MS Window XP Interface.
●User friendly programming method---through key pad, mouse, and joystick.
●Industrial IPC controller, reliable and stable.
●High speed CF card storage media reduces hard disk damaged caused by physical movement during operation.
●Maximum 16 channel I/O support.
●USB electric key applied, prevents unauthorized access.
●Recovery USB flash drive available, easy to restore.
●Window operation interface and real time instruction dialogue.
●Dispensing volume support to internal time control and external control.
●Array range definition prevents repeating error.
●Support to CCD monitor.
●Optional pallet fixture and vacuum platform applicable.
●Support to loading/ unloading connection of external conveyor system.

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