Two Component Dispenser

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There are several names for Two-component glue. In Taiwan, we call it as AB glue, two glue, two-component glue, mixed glue, 2K or two-component, and so on. According to different characteristics, two-component glue can be categorized into three types, they are: 

1.   Polyurethane: generally called PU. Main agent “Poly” needs to be mixed with catalyst/hardener; also known and used as “Iso,” it is able to resist acid and alkali and prevent the corrosion of organic solvents. It can be widely used in the industrial fields, such as bonding, coating, foaming and gasket.

2.   Epoxy: by mixing the agent A and B, a chemical curing reaction is produced. The material has excellent electrical properties, water resistance, wear resistance and high level of adhesion. It is mainly used for lamination, filling, sealing, coating, or structural reinforcement.

3.   Silicone: the material has strong thermal stability (which can be maintained between 100-250°C), water tightness and antioxidant capacity. After mixing, the material is moisture proof and it also has good elasticity. Its industrial usage are filling, sealing, gasket, and so on.

In addition to the three types raw materials above, our two-component glue equipment is also suitable for Acrylic, thermal grease, UV glue, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and so on. 

On the whole, “two-component glue” means the mixing of a certain proportion of agent A/ main agent with a certain proportion of agent B/hardener/catalyst, and achieves its physical properties after curing. In contrast, “single fluid” means the raw material can be used alone without mixing.
Two-component dispenser (or called AB glue dispenser, mixing dispenser, filling dispenser, mixer, 2k, and so on) is specially designed for producing two-component material. Because of different manufacturers of dispensers in the market, how to choose the suitable equipment has become an important issue for the technical and production department. First, the dispenser must be cooperated with material, so the clients need to know which type of material they use, PU, Epoxy, or silicone? When the material type is checked, the following technical information should be paid attention:

1.   The viscosity, also known as cps or mpas. The more viscous the glue is, the less fluid it is, and vice versa. If we take some common liquid as example, it can be understood as <water=easy to flow; honey=not easy to flow;  peanut butter=unable to flow>. Different levels of viscosity require different equipment. For the AB glue, between A and B agents, the more similar their viscosity is, the easier they can be mixed. 

2.   The weight ratio and the volume ratio are two common ways to indicate the ratio of agent A and B. For example, if the ratio of the agent A and B is 100 : 30, then the weight ratio should be A=10g : B=3g, and the volume ratio should be  A=10cc : B=3cc to achieve the expected mixing effect. The wider the mixing ratio is, the more difficult it is to operate the material.

3.   The density of glue, also known as specific gravity, is written as g/cm3. Sometimes fillers will be added in the glue in order to achieve special functions after mixing, such as heat dissipation, insulation, waterproof, fireproof, and so on. The density data can be used as a benchmark to select the equipment. The higher the density is, the more the filling powders are added. 

4.   The glue operation time is generally divided into non-flow time and curing time. This data will affect  customer’s production schedule. The shorter the operation time is, the faster the procedure can be.

5.   The glue estimated dosage. For example, each product needs to be filled with 10g and the daily expected output is 2000pc, then the estimated glue dosage will be A+B=20kg per day. Higher output requires bigger equipment capacity to save on-site operator’s replenishment time. 

According to the information provided by the customers, our technical team will discuss and suggest the suitable machines to give you a bigger bang for the buck!
The processing and manufacturing in Taiwan has always been ranked among the best in the world. Therefore, the production of the material, such as two-component filling, AB glue packaging, sealing, or resin coating, micro-coating have been always required. As a result, the 2K dispensers are also flourishing. For the customers, to find the stable and economical two-component dispenser is the primary goal to increase the producing capacity and create more business opportunities. There are our suggestions for finding the good-quality dispenser: 

1.   The ratio should be stable : all series of our dispensers  are equipped with high-precision gear pumps and cavity screw pumps developed by Wason Technology that can correspond to different glue types to ensure the stable ratio.

2.   The glue should be evenly mixed : different glue ratio requires different way to mix. Our static and high-speed mixing glue gun developed by Wason Technology and our patent mixing tube which can mix evenly the agent A and B and suitable for ratio ranging from 1 : 1 to 100 : 5.

3.   The maintenance should be easy : the core components of our dispensers are easy to disassemble. With standard tools and our Bilingual (Chinese & English) instruction with illustrations, the customers can easily maintain by themselves.

4.   The consumables must be prepared : The headquarters of Wason Technology is located in Daxi District in Taoyuan, Taiwan where the core components such as mixing guns, pumps, mother boards are stocked. The customer’s right will therefore be ensured.
5.   The service should be instant: electrical control, processing, hardware problems or any other errors, our professional engineer team can provide instant service by telephone or e-mail. if necessary, we can go the customers’ sites for the in-field service. 

6.   The factory should have a large scale: The headquarters of Wason Technology is not only an office or assembling factory of purchased components, but an formal manufacturing factory. We have professional processing machinery, CNC, lathes, and so on.

7.   The service should have good reputation: Wason Technology has been operating in the industry for more than 30 years. Our customers are all over the world and our equipment are also located in North America, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and other regions. 

8.   The price should be affordable: all our equipment are made in Taiwan and be equipped with the core components developed by Wason Technology. Our equipment cost half-price than the imported ones, but our good quality  is same as European, American or Japanese brands. 

Welcome to visit Wason Technology to choose the appropriate equipments on site. We sincerely look forward to your arrival!
Today, the two-component mateial is widely used in different varieties of industries in Taiwan, including various type of electronic sealing, automotive waterproof lights gluing, filters installation, micro-foaming, motor thermal explosion-proof packaging, multi-color synthetic leather processing, or epoxy carbon fiber impregnation. We have the appropriate equipment for different processes.

Compared to the traditional procedure used by the factories of early ages: manual weighing —> manual mixing —> manual dispensing, a standard two-component dispenser have following advantages :

1.   The stable ratio: all series of our dispensers are equipped with high- precision gear pumps to ensure the ratio can be stably controlled and the dispensing can be more precise than the manual way. In general, the tolerance is approximately within ±3%.

2.   The even mixture: with our two-component mixing gun and cleanable/ disposable mixing tube, the AB glue can be rapidly and evenly mixed. The operator no longer needs to take time and effort to mix manually.

3.   The standardization of dosage: the two-component glue dispenser can effectively control the dosage and reduce the glue loss caused by the manual mixing in the past. As a result, the material usage and the production capacity can be reliable linked so the purchasing unit can establish a standard purchase process from the data.

4.   The digitization of production capacity: our two-component glue dispenser is not pneumatic drive but digital control equipment. Full digital interface is easy to operate. The production capacity data, including filling volume, processing times and even automation can be digitalized. It improves the efficiency of the manufacturers.

5.   Easy to operate : our dispensers are equipped with user-friendly operation interface and are known by  its customized production process. Our dispensers are easy to operate with its high performance.

6.   Improving efficiency: our goal is to provide the customers an appropriate dispenser in the shortest time and with the most affordable cost. The equipment of Wason Technology are all guaranteed for its stable mixing ratio and its even mixture!

Wason Technology has been operating and progressing in the industry for more than 20 years. We have been assisting our customers in different fields to improve their production process, and we will be happy to help you with any problem or demand for the dispenser!